Nectar ColdPressed Juices

Posted by Jacs 22/04/15

We’ve always liked to think that BlueMelon’s designs are delicious and refreshing. Turns out our clients are too!

Before partnering with BMD, the ever so delicious Nectar Cold Pressed juice was struggling with their branding and packaging design and failing to find a foot in the market.

Nectar’s two founding sisters, Kym and Jacinta, kept getting knocked back from potential suppliers who told them that, while their product was excellent, they simply couldn’t stock their juices in the existing packaging.

Their wholesale contacts really liked the product and wanted to stock it, but believed the packaging was holding the product back.

The sister’s mission to “introduce Nectar Cold Pressed and it’s many benefits to as many people as possible who also share the love of health, fun and life,” was not being realised.

With the help of BlueMelon’s design wizards, Nectar has revived its dwindling brand image. We gave their brand a total overhaul and new packaging and design application that’s as delicious as their juice!

Since the new brand and label launch, sales have increase by 40%.

Nectar Cold Pressed have also been able to secure partnerships with over 70 suppliers who were interested in the product, but didn’t believe the previous branding was the right fit for their shelves.

To say Kym and Jacinta are pretty stoked with the outcome would probably be an understatement.

If you’re keen to check out BlueMelon’s brand and label work for Nectar Cold Pressed, visit our delicious portfolio page.