PorqueNo Artist Interview LiamO’Donnell

Posted by BMD 12/11/17

Liam decided mid-life to pursue his dream of doing landscape photography full time. Now a multi-award winning photographer, he’s busy juggling professionalism and play time with a two year old, while chasing epic sunrise and sunsets across Sydney.

Who’s your favourite artist?
Photographer: Uge – Aquabumps
Painter: Salvador Dali
Musician: Dave Grohl

What inspires you?
Seeing the world fresh through the eyes of my toddler.

Everything is new and a source of fascination and excitement – you can’t help being swept up in his enthusiasm for life.

Poison of choice?

Craziest thing you’ve made?
My two year old Max!

Why should everyone come to Porqué No?
Why not? great art and they got free beer!

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