Agile. Accessible. Honest. Human. What do our values mean?

Posted by Juan 15/08/19

I remember back at Uni when we had to do quick assessments on companies; we had to look at their business and what they were all about. The moment I read through their values, mission and vision I felt like it was a bit of B.S. Boy, I was wrong. I think.

You see, without vision there is no greater north star. Without a mission there is no reason to do it. Without values, well let’s face it, we become a number on a spreadsheet, meaninglessly moving profits the extra inch. We neglect our essence as humans and make our company unrelatable. At BlueMelon we defined a set of values that allow us to work with like minded people, who not only share them, but also personally live by them.

So, what are the BlueMelon values and what do they mean? Well, in this fast-paced environment that constantly changes and adapts, it made sense to pick four that are ingrained in everything we do. Agile. Accessible. Honest. Human. We don’t just say it for the sake of it. Work with us on a few projects and you will experience them for yourself.


Yes, yes, you have heard this little buzz word so many times in so many different contexts that you are probably rolling your eyes, thinking “not again”. But the truth of the matter is that as an agency we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships that are built little by little, like multiple iterations of greatness. We learn and listen, we plan small chunks of work to be done, we create strategies for the long term and deploy them in a ‘sprint like’ go-to-market manner. And it also happens that we are fast 🙂


This is a great one as it has two meanings (or more). First, we are accessible in the sense that we want to live in a more inclusive world. Create, design and solve for everyone. Whenever we are solving a problem we put on our empathy shoes and try to look at the wider spectrum.

The other part of being accessible, is that we love the idea of blending ourselves with our client teams, so that there is no longer a wall between agency and client. We are one, and we are working together to solve problems. There is no side A and side B. We become so accessible that we become one of you.


This one’s pretty obvious, but transparency and no B.S is a great asset we have.


Yes! Gotta love this one. No matter the project, the market, the product or service, we are all people (at least for now) and as humans we have emotions, pain points, moments of glory and moments not so glorious. We love that, we understand it and we thrive on it. Plus, we bring a lot of humour into the mix as well!

Thanks for taking the time to read our values. Get in touch and you’ll see that beyond these four words, there is so much more that makes us who we are. A truly unique team of creative thinkers that want to see a better world.

Juan is the Director at BlueMelon Design, who are proud to be a LinkedIn Partner creative agency across a number of countries around the world. You can join the Blummie community here

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