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  • PorqueNo Artist Interview Vicki Inglis

    Posted by BMD 14/11/17

    Vicki is an illustrator and graphic designer from the UK now living on the Northern Beaches. After completing her BA in illustration she spent some years freelancing until 2016 when she began to pursue her career as a graphic designer. Her drawings are influenced by the world around her taking inspiration from nature and the […]

  • PorqueNo Artist Interview Nikki Wright

    Posted by BMD 14/11/17

    Nikki is a South Coast based designer/photographer and artist. Living and working so close to the ocean, Nikki is hugely influenced and inspired by the colours and motion of the sea, as well textures, sounds and even the smell of her salty surroundings. She even transitioned from painting to drawing so she could sit on […]

  • PorqueNo Artist Interview LiamO’Donnell

    Posted by BMD 12/11/17

    Liam decided mid-life to pursue his dream of doing landscape photography full time. Now a multi-award winning photographer, he’s busy juggling professionalism and play time with a two year old, while chasing epic sunrise and sunsets across Sydney. Who’s your favourite artist? Photographer: Uge – Aquabumps Painter: Salvador Dali Musician: Dave Grohl What inspires you? […]

  • PorqueNo Artist Interview Jacs Wallace

    Posted by BMD 09/11/17

    Simple, friendly, dreamlike and inspiring are probably the best words to describe Jacs creations. Through the usage of line, ink and an incredible perception of the world, her illustrations manifest curiosity with familiar structures built on unstably engineered foundations. An escape to carefully collected complex and intricate architecture from this world and others. Studying Industrial […]

  • PorqueNo Artist Interview Michael Scanu

    Posted by BMD 08/11/17

    As a traditional artist, I have always searched for meaning and inspiration in nature and in the comings and goings of my surroundings. I thrive on the thrill that creativity provides me and the blank canvas offers an insight into the unknown which propels me forward. Digital design has allowed me to expand into new […]

  • PorqueNo Artist Interview Tim Christinat

    Posted by BMD 07/11/17

    Tim Christinat is a Sydney based designer and artist working all over the nation on many creative initiatives! He began drawing at a very young age, and began painting in 2011 completing one of his all time favourite pieces ‘Marcel’ a tribute to his Grandfather which now graces the wall of his living room. Tim […]

  • It’s time again for PorqueNo!

    Posted by BMD 06/11/17

    We are super excited to announce that for it’s third year now we will be proud sponsors of the PorqueNo Art Exhibition. For those who have not had the pleasure of attending one of the Porueno events well now is your chance. The next one will have it’s opening night on Thursday 16th November. Visit […]

  • Porqueno 2 – Art Exhibition

    Posted by Jacs 26/11/15

    Porqueno 2 – Instinctive and passionate and always free from filters. Porqueno (‘why not?’) is an exhibition showcasing the works of five artists, Jacs, Liam, Amber, Tim and Paulo and follows their leap into an exploration of instrument forms, each representing ten instruments through their own interpretation. BlueMelon Design is yet again, extremely proud to […]