Why we, as creatives, should live-share

Posted by BMD 16/05/17

The other night I found myself on Instagram at the same time as a local musician. He started a Live Video session, singing his original songs and taking requests from fans. There were only 14 of us viewing the stream at this time (despite having 11.4k Instagram followers). I thought to myself…how cool is that? We just experienced a free, intimate, live gig from his own home.

The possibilities of live sharing are only limited by our imagination, and now is the perfect time for creatives to jump into what is becoming the norm. Video based media is replacing the ways we have previously shared our day on social.

Some recent findings demonstrate:

  • 80% of people would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog
  • 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts*.

The thing I find most exciting is the intangible nature of live broadcasting. In an age where we download, save and share content, it is nice to be a part of something that is fleeting.

Applications like Snapchat have allowed us to share snippets of our professional and personal day, and the content has a predetermined lifespan, usually around 24 hours. Live tools however, such as Instagram Live, Periscope and Facebook Live are truly live. Like listening to the radio or watching a live TV show, you need to be there when it happens.

As creatives, I believe it is very important for us to harness new technological trends to demonstrate and share our creativity and world. Just the way we could use social media to view a concert live from our own homes as it happens, we can also witness other creative moments. Artists creating watercolour pieces, photographers on a shoot, cake decorators immersed in their craft, every creative can use this tool.

“When you interact live, you feel connected in a more personal way” – Mark Zuckerberg

We live in the days where where a social media presence can lead to fame, or the power of influence can reach your ‘everyday Joe’. Some may view this positively and others not.

In this context live sharing is a medium where someone in the spotlight can come across more attainable, candid and realistic. It allows viewers to relate to the host and aspire to be at their level. The media is shareable, but not as directly as we’re used to. It encourages viewers to share through telling, reliving, getting involved with the subject, rather than a direct link posted to their network.

How could you live-share your creative skills and process to the world?

*Livestream and New York Magazine Survey, 2017