3 Ingredients to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Posted by Juan 01/04/19

Have you ever been in a place and a time where you thought you had a great idea, knew how to execute it, understood the main product or service, but your main blocker was your full-time job? Or perhaps you had that mental struggle of knowing that in order to start something you have to put your savings towards it? And, what about those lingering thoughts around monthly salary security vs. daily uncertainty. All the while thinking, “how does everybody else do it?”

Well, I am one of those guys that decided to jump into the abyss, follow my passion and embrace whatever the world had to offer …and boy, it was nothing like I would ever have imagined.

I could write so much about this experience, but it’s hard for me to even know where to start.

Let us begin with my initial thinking:

Quit job 😬 > Find a spot to work (I can do this, so it should be easy 😕 ) > Launch Brand & website > Offer products & lunches > Do some networking = Amazing agency in no time…

Suffice to say, it really didn’t go that way.

One of the most interesting things that I have come across over the years is the number of people you get to meet that are trying to build their own business. They have all inspired me dramatically and have played an important part in me not giving up. Oh yes, giving up is a thing! But, more on that in another post.

Despite all the different ideas, disciplines, backgrounds and even funding statuses, we all experienced the same roller coaster of emotions. We all put on countless hats, we needed to continually push, face fears and move on to the next problem. We were tasked with dreaming of a brighter future, wondering when (and how) things would get better or, at the very least, easier. We were encouraged to learn and grow as business owners and humans, push our thinking beyond the confines of the 9 to 5, motivate the team, encourage development…and all this when your company finances are giving you endless sleepless nights. And, despite your best efforts to spread yourself thinly like butter over toast, you have an overwhelming sense that there’s soooo much more that needs to get done. It never ends.

Because of this dichotomy and through years of perseverance and persistence, I have noticed the three key characteristics that personify us are:

  1. Passionate
  2. Crazy
  3. A little delusional

So, even if you embody just one of these… jump in and join the party.