Porqueno 2 – Art Exhibition

Posted by Jacs 26/11/15

Porqueno 2 – Instinctive and passionate and always free from filters.

Porqueno (‘why not?’) is an exhibition showcasing the works of five artists, Jacs, Liam, Amber, Tim and Paulo and follows their leap into an exploration of instrument forms, each representing ten instruments through their own interpretation.

BlueMelon Design is yet again, extremely proud to be sponsoring Porqueno. With a successful first exhibition in 2013, Porqueno 2 is bigger and better in 2015 and the BlueMelon team can’t wait for you to see it.

Porqueno 2 questions everything. It questions why we live our lives trying to justify our existence. Why we take part in endless debates about everything and about nothing. Why we keep trying to justify every action, every movement and every breath. Why do we have tears and how come smiles can change a persons life? Almost everything finds its place inside the “why not’s” and the “do not’s”.

“Porqueno 2 is a group of five artists, gathering to celebrate the antithesis of justification. It’s a stand against our desire to explore lines, shapes and colours. It is a time of voyaging and assertion within ourselves, finding out what drives our passions. Explanation or justification of our traces has no meaning. Porqueno 2 is simply the feeling and the desire to create. Everything is welcome; we are extreme defenders of freedom from style, the absence of explanation and the pleasure that entertains the senses. After all, WHY NOT?” – Paulo Guti

Porqueno 2 is exhibiting at Gaffa Galleries in Sydney from the 10th – 21st December. Why not get down and support five amazing, local artists, doing some amazing things? BlueMelon Design looks forward to seeing you there!