PorqueNo Artist Interview Jacs Wallace

Posted by BMD 09/11/17

Simple, friendly, dreamlike and inspiring are probably the best words to describe Jacs creations. Through the usage of line, ink and an incredible perception of the world, her illustrations manifest curiosity with familiar structures built on unstably engineered foundations. An escape to carefully collected complex and intricate architecture from this world and others.

Studying Industrial Design in her earlier years but then later moving on to design and visual communication Jacs has always held an interest in Architecture and complicated forms. This interest comes out in an unusual quirky way with her illustration style.

Jacs uses her illustrations to delve into ambiguous worlds away from the commercial design space she is predominately positioned in. An unconventional form of meditation to relax the brain and escape to playful inexistent worlds of the inner mind.

Who’s your favourite artist?
Since very young I have admired M.C. Escher for how he was able to create such complex, backwards concepts into comprehendible drawings and artwork. More recently I appreciate both the style and commercial adaptation of Ugo Gattoni’s work. The detail created in his worlds along with the complexity and then finally the way he has built commercial partnerships with people like McBess and brands like Hermes I find extremely impressive.

What inspires you?
People, places, changes of scenery, travel. My day to day is 100% screen based so for me I love to find inspiration in anything that is not based on a screen of some sorts.

Poison of choice?
for drawing = Pen
for drinking = Hendricks
for eating = Chocolate Bullets

Craziest thing you’ve made?
Studying Industrial design I have a long list for this one. The best would have to be a clever contraption made from paper paddle pop sticks and rubber bands to house an egg in to then be dropped from a two storey building – and the egg survived!

Why should everyone come to Porqué No?
To look at something that makes you think, question, ponder, appreciate, and discuss away from a device. Anything supporting people putting themselves out there. So much unseen time, effort, blood, sweat and tears goes into creating a piece of art having criticizing or appreciating eyes go over the finished piece is like the final chapter of the process so come join in to be a part of the artists creations.

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