PorqueNo Artist Interview Michael Scanu

Posted by BMD 08/11/17

As a traditional artist, I have always searched for meaning and inspiration in nature and in the comings and goings of my surroundings. I thrive on the thrill that creativity provides me and the blank canvas offers an insight into the unknown which propels me forward. Digital design has allowed me to expand into new areas of creative scope, one which blends the soul with the machine.

Whether it be through words, paint, pen, ink, paper, screen or lens, the creative outcome being the same every time. A journey has come to be, one of discovery and individualism, of which I hold proud and dear.


Who’s your favourite artist?
Simon Bisley 

What inspires you?
Amazing art, creative people,

Poison of choice?

Craziest thing you’ve made?

My beautiful son Otis.

Why should everyone come to Porqué No?
Why not! Surely everyone is coming….

For more info on PorqueNo and to see more of Michael’s work visit the event page here