PorqueNo Artist Interview Nikki Wright

Posted by BMD 14/11/17

Nikki is a South Coast based designer/photographer and artist. Living and working so close to the ocean, Nikki is hugely influenced and inspired by the colours and motion of the sea, as well textures, sounds and even the smell of her salty surroundings. She even transitioned from painting to drawing so she could sit on the beach and work whilst watching her daughters while they were surfing.

Putting pen to paper is a therapy for Nikki. After spending all week in front of a screen or behind a camera, illustration is her way of telling a story the way she wants to.

Fave artist…
I can never choose just one! Frida Kahlo…Brett Whiteley…and Quibe!

What inspires me…
The ocean, colour, pattern, texture, shape, music and Rum!

Poison of choice…
Rum and whiskey…but definitely rum!

Craziest thing I have ever made…
My three gorgeous daughters!

Why should everyone come to PorquéNo?
Why not? What could be better than Beer themed art…oh, Rum themed art!

To see more of Nikki’s talents check out her work here

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