PorqueNo Artist Interview Tim Christinat

Posted by BMD 07/11/17

Tim Christinat is a Sydney based designer and artist working all over the nation on many creative initiatives!

He began drawing at a very young age, and began painting in 2011 completing one of his all time favourite pieces ‘Marcel’ a tribute to his Grandfather which now graces the wall of his living room.

Tim likes to experiment with acrylic paint and other mediums, using colourful palettes and bold strokes, he paints out of inspiration and his art always gives a positive feel. In the last couple of years he has explored live paintings; working with an audience, time frames and wet paint has been a great challenge but has pushed the limits of his art.

Tim is a passionate artist, loves being creative, taking risks and throwing paint on the canvas letting it drip, a nice contrast to creating and marrying perfect type and vectors behind his computer!

Who’s your favourite artist?
Don’t really have one favourite artist, but a big influence at the moment is called Kildren from South Korea, his work and size of his pieces always amazes me

What inspires you?
Everything outside is always an inspiration especially the sea. Also there is a lot of good work on Instagram, people who constantly push their work

Poison of choice?
Baileys – I know it should have been a beer to go with the theme!

Craziest thing you’ve made?
I dripped paint onto a canvas from the second story once to get the best splat ever after I spent weeks on the pen work!

Why should everyone come to Porqué No?
Why not? As usual always a fun night and get to see great work from other artists that you may not have seen before. Supporting local artists is the best thing you can do!

To see more of Tim’s talents check out his work here

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