Porqueno is back, and bigger than ever.

Posted by Rach 19/09/19

We couldn’t be more excited to share that our biennial exhibition, Porqueno is back for its fourth time. What is Porqueno you might ask?

Porqueno was created by the friendly folk of BlueMelon. For the past 6 years this exhibition has been a chance for us to rally some of our most talented friends, to take a break from the commercial world for a moment in time and create beautiful art. As individuals who largely work in a creative agency space, we wanted to strip away the briefs, the planning sessions, the targets, the presentations and allow ourselves to create, just for the sake of it. 

So many of us are guilty becoming immersed in our occupation the majority of our lives. By continually supporting art projects like Porqueno, we give ourselves the chance to remember our creative roots. Porqueno forces us (in a good way!) to make time for our passion projects; the ones that make us who we are, after the clock strikes 5pm. Because living is more than just working, right? 

This year we invited 13 artists to showcase their immense artistic talents. The idea? Take some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings and architecture, and reimagine them, on your own terms. The exhibition will see our artists interpret buildings such as the Sydney Opera House, Town Hall and Central Station, just to name a few. As they explore their subjects through a vast range of mediums including ink, timber, oil, charcoal and gouache, you are sure to find the results truly breathtaking. 

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Sydney’s iconic architecture, the historical, the monumental and the beautiful. Because, why not?

Porqueno Four opens Thursday, 26th September at 6pm, and is showing at Gaffa Gallery until 7th October. You can find out more about Porqueno, the artists and the exhibition details here 

BlueMelon is a full service creative agency based in beautiful Manly Beach, Australia. Check out our previous exhibitions, Porqueno One, Two and Three here.