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  • Why & How You Should Use LinkedIn for Content Marketing

    Posted by Penelope 08/07/20

    If you’re doing any sort of content marketing in 2020, you’ve probably accustomed to juggling and navigating different channels. Website, blog, EDMs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok… Which ones do prioritise and which ones do you pass on? Your audience might be using a number of platforms, but you’ll get much more traction if you […]

  • Why your brand needs a strategy (and 4 clever moves you can make to create one)

    Posted by Rach 30/06/20

    As I strolled through my local supermarket recently, I spotted a shampoo and conditioner, placed in one of those all too obvious aisle ends. Eyes widening, I inspected the pretty packaging. On closer inspection, I noted an even prettier price, burning itself onto my retinas by way of a flappy, neon-yellow ticket.  Sign me up. […]