Why LinkedIn & BlueMelon are a lot like Batman & Robin

Posted by Penelope 15/07/19

Batman and Robin. They’re one of the greatest teams in history right? The dynamic duo.

Like any great team, their sum is greater than their parts. Batman’s always on a mission and Robin’s by his side. There to support, kick butt, bring some creative ideas to the table and occasionally take the wheel on the Batmobile. As a team, they’re unstoppable.

This is exactly how we feel about our brand collaboration with LinkedIn.

Working so closely with a client that’s the world’s largest professional network challenges us to flex our creativity in new ways every day. Together we’re creating work that kicks business goals, closes deals and resonates across 10 different countries.

We have a dedicated team of LinkedIn brand experts in our agency who are a true extension of LinkedIn’s business. They know the brand inside out and are ready to deliver content fast, on brand and on point whenever it’s needed.

Over the years we have helped them turn complex concepts into beautiful, consumable, useful content that has helped them educate their community, launch new products and teach users how to get the best out of the platform. It’s been a rewarding collaboration so far and it’s about to get even better…

LinkedIn US Collaboration

LinkedIn United States came to us with a problem. They had lots of great collateral and insights, but the content had come from many different sources. As such, it often looked hacked-together and lacked a strong narrative. They knew they could do better.

The tackle this we created The LMS Creative Studio – a dedicated team of LinkedIn brand experts who help LinkedIn with narratives, content and design. The result? A stress free experience for LinkedIn with a powerful team who can turn around projects while they sleep, (thanks time zones) delivering on brand content, ready to present to clients when they step into the office the next morning.

LinkedIn APAC Collaboration

The Asia Pacific is a tricky region to create content for. With so many different countries, languages and cultural nuances, every piece of content and every campaign needs to be carefully thought out and designed. LinkedIn’s APAC Content Marketing Team came to us for support with creating content to be rolled out across the region.

From event collateral, to LinkedIn’s own Content Marketing Guide, to paper rockets and explainer videos – We’ve got APAC covered.

New! LinkedIn Australia: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Content Partner Program

Officially launching this month, we’re proud to be supporting LinkedIn Australia with an exciting new content marketing offering for their partners in Australia.

LinkedIn Australia was looking to partner with an agency that could help their blue chip clients with premium content marketing assets to power their campaigns on the platform. After a rigorous selection process and training, BlueMelon have become one out of two go-to agencies to support this initiative in the months and years to come.

We’re excited to be a part of this program, which has been hugely successful in the US. Watch this space.

Do you need a Robin to your Batman? Or maybe something more along the lines of Wonder Woman? Whatever your superpower, our team has one to compliment it.

To find out what a brand partnership with BM might look like for your business, just give us a shout. We don’t bite, much.

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