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BMD Partnering with integratedliving

The BlueMelon Design team are thrilled to announce our latest client contract.



The BlueMelon Design team are thrilled to announce our latest client contract; a rebrand for award winning non-profit organisation, integratedliving. After a rigorous three-month pitch process against some tough competition, we were awarded the contract in December 2014 and have begun work envisioning and redesigning integratedliving’s new Brand Architecture Strategy.

Since then we’ve been traveling Australia delivering brand workshops with key stakeholders and developing our game plan for a complete overhaul of the brand’s visual identity and messaging strategy.

We’ve had some great feedback from the workshops, with integratedliving’s Executive Manager, Business Excellence and Development, Alicia Eugene, thanking us for “the impressive amount of work” we put into our presentation.

“Congratulations and thank you to all your team,” said Alicia. “It was very impressive and we are all very excited to be working with the BlueMelon team.”

integratedliving works with at-risk Australians living in rural areas around the country, delivering Aged Care, Disability Care, Mental Health support, education, meal services, family and carer support and more. Their vision is “enriching communities and supporting individuals by facilitating health and wellbeing options … and by strengthening rural, regional and remote communities.”

BlueMelon’s brief is to “establish and position a clear brand identity that creates positive conversation about the brand, increases brand awareness and brand affinity, and ultimately results in increased customer and market focus.”

We feel incredibly proud to have the chance to showcase ingtegratedliving’s amazing work and to give their brand the identity it deserves. In the coming months, you’ll see BlueMelon deliver new brand elements, a new website and fresh new marketing collateral for integratedliving. We’ll also be providing them with strategic key messages that will help them tell their story more effectively.

BlueMelon Team at Integratedliving
Integratedliving meeting
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