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A day in the life of BlueMelon, by Rach (The NewMelon)

Manly. 8:45am. The BlueMelon office is quiet. Too quiet. There’s something...



Manly. 8:45am. The BlueMelon office is quiet. Too quiet. There’s something pressing that needs to be addressed before the Blummie team can get on with the ever-growing list of important client projects.

‘Guys! Where are the tunes? What do we feel like listening to?’

Somehow, our trusty Google Home assistant knows exactly what music genre ‘chilled out, but-not-day-spa-chilled-out, inspiring and summery with a bit of an alternative vibe’ is. Thanks, artificial intelligence!

With that first major order of business out of the way and with our feet tapping to the perfect playlist, it’s time for our morning ‘stand-up’; a crucial little get-together for us Blummie’s to map out the day ahead, organise projects in priority order and to reflect on the fact that we have all somehow managed to turn up to work this morning wearing polka dots. As a team, we seem to be more in sync than The Wiggles when it comes to wardrobe choices.

Fast forward to 11am and, before we head into our next project briefing, we need sugar. Or caffeine. Or both. Or maybe we should just stick to Liv’s box of carrot sticks? Whichever snack we choose, we’re energised and the great ideas are flowing.

Midday. Time to take a break. Stepping out the door and straight into the buzzing Manly Corso is truly the best way to recharge for the afternoon of work ahead. How’d we get so lucky to work here?

3pm rolls around and it’s time for a quick team selfie (as photographic proof the polka dot phenomenon occurred, obvs) before settling in for the arvo to make sure our project deadlines are hit.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, which must be true, because suddenly it’s 5pm. Before we head off home it’s time for a quick check in with one another to make sure that everyone is on track and completely prepped for what will be on at BlueMelon Design tomorrow. Will it be denim, or will it be stripes?

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