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PorqueNo Artist Interview Vicki Inglis

Vicki is an illustrator and graphic designer from the UK now living on the Northern...

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Vicki is an illustrator and graphic designer from the UK now living on the Northern Beaches. After completing her BA in illustration she spent some years freelancing until 2016 when she began to pursue her career as a graphic designer.

Her drawings are influenced by the world around her taking inspiration from nature and the infinite patterns and textures she translates into her illustrations. Her favourite subjects are underwater creatures and plant life which is often executed with pen and ink. She uses minimal colour palettes preferring to focus on her clean line work and intricate details.

Who’s your favourite artist?

My all time favourite artist is James Jean. His work gives you an insight into his world of endless flowing shapes and lines with layers of intricate details. It is very easy to get lost in his illustrations, truly inspirational!

I am also a big fan of artist duo Kozyndan for their repeat patterns and all round incredible artwork.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by many things in nature, especially foliage, flowers and basically anything that is green. Things that help me explore mark making in a clean and organic way. I also love pattern making and often take inspiration from some sort of organic shape that takes on a life of it’s own once I put pen to paper.

Poison of choice?

A big juicy Malbec

Craziest thing you’ve made?

A go kart. With no brakes.

Why should everyone come to Porqué No?

Because we are awesome! Also it will be great to see how all the artists have interpretted the brief with their different styles and approach. Cannot wait!

To see more of Vicki’s talents check out her work here

For more info on PorqueNo and to see more of Vicki’s work visit the event page here

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