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6 ways to Unlock B2B Content Marketing Opportunities with LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a powerful platform in the ever-changing world of B2B content marketing and growth. It is a place where professionals come together to share ideas and form partnerships, reshaping the way businesses approach connections and growth. LinkedIn has some of the most powerful target marketing tools with Sales Navigator, Campaign Manager and Company Pages, not to mention 950 million global users actively building their business profiles daily. We’ve identified six key benefits of utilising LinkedIn for B2B content marketing and as LinkedIn Content Partners for the last decade or so, we wanted to share those with you.



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1. Access to a Highly Targeted Audience


Out of all the advertising platforms and social media channels out in the digital sphere, we strongly believe that LinkedIn has one of the most powerful tools for finding, connecting and building relationships with your core target audience.


Using tools like Sales Navigator can help you with your Account Based Marketing strategies, digging into specific organisations and finding individuals who are key decision makers or influencers within that business, is powerful.


Building out your target audience groups in LinkedIn Campaign Manager is a great practice when you’re creating your campaigns. You can look at the company sector, organisation size, functions, job titles, interests and so much more! Targeting the right people at the right time in the right place, and retargeting them when they’ve engaged with your business is achievable on the LinkedIn platform.



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2. Establish Thought Leadership


Utilising LinkedIn for B2B content marketing offers a remarkable opportunity to showcase your industry expertise and position yourself and your company, as a trailblazer within your sector. Sharing insightful observations, opinions, informative articles, and trends within your industry can help establish credibility and trust with your network and connections.


Here’s a reasons to get behind creating thought leadership on LinkedIn


Build credibility and trust: position yourself as an expert in your field and earn the trust of your audience, clients and peers. Consistently sharing valuable insights showcases your expertise and establishes your reputation as a leader in your space.


Increase visibility and brand awareness: by sharing innovative ideas and unique perspectives, you can boost your industry visibility and enhance brand recognition. This proactive approach sets you apart in a competitive landscape. Sharing your opinion can really help with showcasing your point of difference.


Generate leads through genuine connection: attract potential clients actively seeking your expertise by positioning yourself as a thought leader. Your insights directly address their pain points and position your company as a trusted person and company that can provide real solutions.


Foster innovation and consistently adapt to the changing landscape: nurturing thought leadership requires continual awareness of industry trends and the pursuit of fresh insights. This proactive mindset stimulates innovation within your organisation and fortifies your capacity to navigate the ever-evolving digital market.


Fuel your content marketing: thought leadership provides a treasure trove of valuable content that can be repurposed across your platforms. Your insights can breathe life into blog posts, energise social media updates, and lay the groundwork for a robust content marketing strategy. Integrating leaders’ content into your Company Pages and beyond is essential in building both your personal brand and organisation brand.


Achieve long-term growth: consistently sharing insightful knowledge lays the groundwork for sustained growth over time. Thought leadership transcends quick wins, evolving into a long-term strategy that reaps continuous rewards as your influence and reputation expand. In business, there aren’t really quick wins, 95% of people aren’t in the market to buy, so what you’re sharing helps you stay top of mind for when they become part of the 5%, ready-to-buy group.


Make an industry impact: thought leaders have the potential to shape their industries by driving conversations, influencing best practices, and even contributing to policy discussions. Your insights can contribute to positive change on a larger scale. So make sure when you have important ideas that you share them.


Need help amplifying or ghostwriting your thought leadership? Give us a bell, we’d love to support you.





3. Networking and Relationship Building


LinkedIn stands as the ultimate platform for fostering meaningful professional connections and building strong relationships within the B2B landscape. With over 950 million professionals spanning various industries, this platform provides a unique opportunity to connect with decision-makers, thought leaders, and potential collaborators. Leveraging LinkedIn for B2B content creation opens the door to engaging in conversations, participating in relevant groups, and establishing a robust network that can greatly benefit your business.


The platform’s messaging and connection features allow you to initiate conversations with key industry players, enabling you to exchange ideas, share insights, and explore potential partnerships. This level of direct engagement cultivates relationships that can lead to collaborative ventures, industry insights, and even brand advocacy. By consistently sharing valuable content, you position yourself as a knowledgeable resource in your field, further strengthening your network and fostering a community of professionals who value your expertise.


Your personal network and followers on LinkedIn offer a wealth of knowledge and opportunity for deeper connection. Make sure you reach out to people, invite them to your events, learn about them and their needs to continue to build trust.





4. Lead Generation:


In the realm of B2B, where targeted lead generation is paramount, LinkedIn shines as a goldmine of potential leads and business opportunities. Unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn is specifically tailored to professionals seeking to connect for business-related purposes. This inherent focus on professionalism makes it a prime channel for generating high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into valuable business relationships.


By crafting and sharing compelling B2B content on your LinkedIn Company Page, you establish your brand as authority and continue to build trust over time. You can consider your Company Page as top of funnel, awareness content which is paramount in your brand building efforts.


Other tools we recommend getting around that can support your lead gen are Sales Navigator for a more personalised and account based marketing approach. Moreover, LinkedIn’s advanced search features empower you to identify and engage with prospects based on specific criteria such as job titles, industries, and company sizes. This precision-targeting ensures that your content reaches the right individuals, increasing the likelihood of meaningful interactions and potential conversions.


Particular ad formats like Conversation Ads or Lead Gen forms native on the LinkedIn platform are really helpful tools in amplifying your organic content. Convo Ads hit people’s InMail and can be extremely niche and targeted in your approach, you simply pay per send. Lead Gen forms natively in the platform have proven to garner more leads than if you’re driving people out to your own website. Of course LinkedIn preferences keeping people on platform as much as possible.


Want to learn more about this? Connect with us for a free 30 min B2B content strategy.





5. Amplification and Virality


LinkedIn’s environment is ripe for content amplification and achieving viral reach within the B2B realm. The platform’s algorithm prioritises valuable and engaging content, ensuring high-quality posts have the potential to reach a wider audience. When your B2B content gains traction and garners interactions, it can be featured on users’ feeds, increasing its visibility and expanding your reach exponentially.


The key to achieving amplification and virality lies in producing content that resonates with your target audience. Thought-provoking articles, data-driven insights, visually appealing infographics, and engaging videos are all formats that can capture users’ attention and encourage them to engage and share. Leveraging relevant hashtags and participating in trending conversations further boosts your content’s visibility and the likelihood of it being discovered by professionals beyond your immediate network.


LinkedIn also publishes a range of its own blogs and content often pulling interesting thought leadership from influential and interesting people on the platform.



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6. Analytics and Insights


LinkedIn offers basic analytics that are versatile, real-time and easy to understand.


By monitoring post engagement, follower growth, and the geographic origins of traffic, you can gain valuable insights into how to refine your content strategy over time and determine its effectiveness.


It’s important to keep in mind that in B2B marketing, results are typically measured over months rather than weeks. The longer term you can compare your content results the better! The best approach is to test, iterate and learn. You can never really post too much content, the idea is to just try stuff and see what happens and how people feel about it.


We believe that harnessing the power of LinkedIn for B2B content creation offers a multitude of benefits. From nurturing professional relationships and generating leads to amplifying content reach and potential virality, this platform stands as an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital age. By strategically leveraging LinkedIn’s features and consistently delivering value through your content, you position your B2B brand for growth, influence and success.


Want to know more? Need help with your LinkedIn content strategy? Book in a free 30 minute session with us.


At BlueMelon, we are certified LinkedIn content partners, which means we have extensive knowledge on how to use LinkedIn effectively. If you are interested in improving your content and strategies on LinkedIn, schedule a virtual coffee date with us!

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LinkedIn B2B Content Marketing Insights

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LinkedIn B2B Content Marketing Insights

Amplify your B2B content marketing strategies using LinkedIn