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The Blank Page with Lucie Francois

You stare at a blank page waiting for the inspiration to come. But it doesn’t...

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You stare at a blank page waiting for the inspiration to come. But it doesn’t. Your mind is cloudy, your creativity blocked.

It could last minutes, hours, or days. You get frustrated and start to put pressure on yourself. How do you get inspiration and get your mojo back?

Name a graphic designer, artist, painter or writer that has never felt ‘blank page’ syndrome? All creatives have.

That freeze you can feel when you start a new project. You sit there, looking at the screen, and that little cursor, silently, and nothing happens.

I chose to write about this subject because before writing this – my first blog – I felt exactly that!

It might be for a new project, a client, or just for a personal project. The moment of feeling powerless in front of an empty page can affect anybody, at any moment.

Over time I’ve worked out some solutions that can help you stop wasting time and be more efficient. These work for me, doesn’t mean they’ll work for you, but it costs nothing to try!

The most logical technique is to just stop thinking and just do. You are supposed to draw? Ok, so draw! Need to write? So write!

Even if it’s not about the correct subject, even if it’s a letter for your grandma. You just need to activate the process, the gesture.

You can also have a break, even if you don’t consider that your deserve it! Putting pressure on yourself is the worst thing to do, so relax and have a break. Take a walk and grab a coffee or a tea. Taking in some fresh air and different surroundings will help a lot. You will return feeling refreshed.

Change your playlist, try another one that you don’t know on Spotify or Deezer for example, and try to focus on one song in particular. Try to understand the structure, the rhythm. This helps the brain focus on something else, to come back fresh and effective for your initial project.

You also can have a look on the web to find inspiration, but you risk getting too distracted –

So, it depends if you have time on your hands or not.

No matter what you do to try to break through that ‘blank page’ barrier, be patient with yourself and breathe – it will come back!

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