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A guide to
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Think of LinkedIn as an ocean. The ocean is beautiful, complex, and vast.

Now, think of your target audience as fish. There’s heaps of them in the ocean, but you’ve got your eye on a particular set of fish.

So, how do you reach that little school of fish that’ll love what your business has to offer?

With a strategy. You need a plan to find your fish in the sea. That’s what this content marketing strategy resource will do for you.

This is your ultimate guide to nailing B2B content marketing. It will get you thinking about your organic content objectives and paid content objectives.

Download this free resource, give it a read – and then read it again! We want you to think of it as a guide to return to regularly. It will help you achieve all your content strategy goals.

Why this resource is amazing

As a B2B content agency in Sydney, we know a thing or two about content marketing strategy. And we want to share our know-how with other content agencies and B2B marketers. This document will teach you how to properly use LinkedIn to extend your organic reach by gaining exposure to other user’s networks, joining popular conversations, leveraging connections and influence, and more.

It includes 7 simple steps to reach your target audience on a platform that has 675 million users in 200 countries.

How to use it

Read and revisit the 7 simple steps below to consistently make sure you are reaching your B2B marketing goals. Let’s jump in!

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