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We know you don’t need any help with your chat game. You’re a charmer and what your business has to say is exactly what the market needs to hear (especially if you’ve used our brand position statement template)!

But even the smoothest of talkers could use some assistance when it’s time to hit the streets of social media and start knocking on doors!

That’s why a Conversation Ad Template for LinkedIn is a nice tool to have in your pocket. It’s a tried-and-true structure that helps you effectively communicate how your business can solve potential customer’s needs.

If you’re aiming to generate leads, look no further than this template.

Why this resource is amazing

LinkedIn conversation ads are a smart way to engage with customers at the consideration layer of the funnel. Utilising this template is a great way to hit all your communication points in a natural and appealing way. 

Your value proposition and benefits come first. Next, is how you can solve a customer’s pain points, which leads to providing targeted info for them. With all that on the table, all you’ve got to do is confirm interest and serve them some content. 

This content creation tool is just one part of a robust LinkedIn content marketing plan that Blue Melon can help you build.

You’re well on your way to becoming a LinkedIn expert!

How to use it

Use the template to craft a conversation ad that is unique to your business and target audience.

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