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Sliding into someone’s DMs is a bold move. You’ll want to know the tricks of the trade and rules of the road before you make your grand entrance. 

That’s why we’ve made a guide for LinkedIn conversation ad tips and rules. This information about how the platform and marketing content works (coupled with our LinkedIn Conversation Ad Template) will help you create the ideal forms of communication to engage your target audience and prospective customers.

Why this resource is amazing

Did you know that you can provide 5 possible paths for your prospective customer to select from? Now you do. 

You can then serve up an image, a web page, a lead generation form, or advance them to another question. 

LinkedIn conversation ads are a colloquial and personal way to converse, and they’re more versatile than you might think. 

This doc of tips and rules gives you the guidance you need to shine a light on your business, or any branded content you want to share.

How to use it

Give it a read, and use our supplementary LinkedIn Conversation Ad Template to learn how to effectively use this method of LinkedIn advertising.

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