7 simple steps to boost your Content Marketing reach on LinkedIn

Posted by Cath 10/02/20

LinkedIn marketing is all about connecting with people, within a business context. Remember our Melon Mantra: #P2PbeforeB2B. The stats are impressive:

95% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic marketing.
76% use LinkedIn for paid promotion.

There is no argument that LinkedIn is the top platform for B2B marketers, as well as the fastest growing social platform in the world*. But how do you reach your target audience amongst the 675 million users in 200 countries, currently on LinkedIn*.

Check out our 5 ways to improve your Content Marketing [here].

Once you’ve done that, here are 7 simple steps to boost your organic Content Marketing reach on LinkedIn.

1. @ mention people who are associated with the content to gain exposure to their network.

2. Research trending hashtags and add relevant ones to your post to join popular conversations.

• Joining trending topics exposes you to new audiences in your field.
• Your most-used hashtags may become associated with your LinkedIn Page.
• LinkedIn watercooler series and LMS blog are good resources, to see what stories are becoming popular on LinkedIn.

3. Share your best @ mentions to authentically promote your brand and share your employees’ best LinkedIn posts to leverage their connections.

• Content shared by employees has 2x higher engagement than when it’s shared by a company.
• A typical company’s employee base has 10x the social reach of the company itself.

4. Respond quickly to any engagement on your posts. Be sure that a responsible person has the LinkedIn app on their phone for convenient, easy access and responsive lead times.

5. To extend your organic reach, leverage the influence of your workforce. Incentivise and encourage staff to react and share your content. As always, they are your greatest asset:

• On average, an employee base has 10x the social reach of the company itself.
• Content shared by workers have 2x higher engagement than when it’s shared by their company.
• According to LMS research, only 45% of the U.S. trust institutions, whilst 63% do trust people like themselves. Use this to your benefit #P2PbeforeB2B

6. Boost your organic reach by sponsoring posts and using paid advertising. If you have a small budget, a little goes a long way… watch out for more on this in later posts!

7. For those who are familiar with Account Based Marketing (ABM) you’ll already be on board with leveraging LinkedIn’s amazing audience targeting capabilities. This means you reach the RIGHT audience, not just ANY audience. If not, stay turned for a post.

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