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Building Brand Awareness in the Logistics Niche for DGI

DGI campaign to connect with a new audience resulting in new leads and the right traffic in the right place

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There’s nothing better than a really specific niche, target audience and key objective to get our B2B juices flowing. Particularly when it comes to amplifying LinkedIn tools to support our clients needs. Dangerous Goods International came to BlueMelon looking for support to build more brand awareness for the very specific, unique offering. They are leaders in the dangerous goods, logistics space, not just in Australia but globally. We supported the team to build powerful creative assets with longevity increasing the traffic and providing target marketing qualified leads for their sales teams.

DGI Carousel Ad on LinkedIn

DGI’s first foray into advertising

Dangerous Goods International (DGI) reached out to BlueMelon, looking for a partner to support them in their first marketing and advertising campaign. DGI is an Australian based, global logistics business with a very specific niche supporting organisations to get their dangerous goods from A to B safely, anywhere in the world. The team hadn’t yet tried any marketing or advertising to help grow their business and since the late 90s, they’d done it the good old-fashioned way through trusted referrals. The opportunity to amplify their already incredible trust across the industry was an exciting prospect.

LinkedIn campaign case study
Dangerous Goods Linkedin Campaign

Locking in on a niche and clear objective

As always, there are many different avenues an organisation can take when they first step into marketing and advertising efforts and knowing where to start can be a challenge. We spent a series of workshops understanding the DGI business, what their main challenges were, their main objectives, who they serve and what their offerings were. We also wanted to understand the most successful customer partnerships and how we could support them to find more of those kinds of people to work with. We defined success by looking at customer lifetime value, repeat customers and a slight shift in the kinds of customers DGI wanted to engage with from a sector perspective. Together, we landed on a very specific niche, looking at how we could support Laboratory Managers and Researchers to move their dangerous goods across Australia.

DGI Carousel Ad on LinkedIn

Uplifting content that was working, enhancing with creative copy and design

One of the most important things we could do was understand in detail what users on the DGI website were finding most attractive. We found that hundreds of people every month were going to look at a very specific page on the website that helped them understand all they needed to know about the different classes of dangerous goods and how to move them across the country or globally. So, we took this pillar piece of content and upped the ante on it. We jazzed up the copy to slightly modernise the tone of voice, make it more personal and colloquial. We used this content as the pillar and created all other content to connect people to what we knew they already found helpful. 

One of our key metrics became, how many new people, specifically from Australia can we send to this page to help them understand how to ship their dangerous goods safely and with professionals who know exactly what to do. Our goal was to make Australia the number one visiting audience to the site, rather than the USA and India which currently took up first and second place.

Logistics full funnel campaign on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Full Funnel Campaign Case Study

A series of engaging creative

Looking at our first objective which was brand awareness and driving traffic, we created a series of single image ads and carousel ads sharing topline information about which dangerous good people could ship and how. We then lead them to more information on this landing page on the website. Although our main focus was building brand awareness for DGI as experts in this space, we also didn’t want to lose the opportunity of generating some leads for them. So we created a Document Ad, taking the information on the main website page and turning into an engaging, downloadable PDF that gave people lots of information on all the classes of Dangerous Goods.

DGI Website Traffic Campaign

A top of funnel campaign so good, it had bottom of funnel results

It’s fair to say, we were over the moon by the results of this campaign. Not only did Australians become the highest viewers of the main landing page for the 30 day campaign but this work drove thousands of people to the site that wouldn’t have otherwise seen this content. 

Secondly, although our focus was brand awareness, we wanted to be able to make sure that anyone in more immediate need of dangerous goods support could access the expert team at DGI. While we spent only a small amount of the budget for this bottom of the funnel, downloadable PDF, as a document ad, we have 17 marketing qualified leads come through. The sales team at DGI were able to pick up conversations with these interested groups and support their needs for shipping. 

Overall this campaign was successful because we honed in on a small niche and really targeted a need and pain point. We focused on how we could help those people. This resulted in a huge uptick in traffic and the right leads being passed to the sales team.

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