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Building a brand to amplify Missing Perspectives

Filling the gap in young female storytelling around the globe

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BlueMelon collaborated with media platform and startup Missing Perspectives to create a timeless new brand that transcends global boundaries. The team at Missing Perspectives are ready to scale their business and products and having a brand to match their huge ambitions was imperative for taking everything to new heights. Today, their new branding is in the market helping fill the gaps of storytelling across the media where women’s voices are so often missing.


A startup ready to scale with a need for more inspiring branding

Missing Perspectives, led by Founder, Phoebe Saintilan-Stocks and Editor-in-Chief, Hannah Diviney, are on a mission to fill the gap in young female storytelling around the world. Today, the platform reaches 1.5M+ people across 120 countries, works with partners such as MECCA and has developed a SaaS product that will connect young female reporters with leading national and international newsrooms. They came to us needing support to create a leading international brand, that would visualise and showcase their stories in even more powerful ways.


A timeless brand that can transcend global audiences

We worked with the team at Missing Perspectives to get a deep understanding of their audience, their current brand, the way they tell their stories and their unique mission to eventually become redundant, a thing of the past. Imagining a world where their platform and stories were no longer needed because the world had moved past having these missing perspectives sharing their voices and experiences.

Alongside a complete brand refresh, one of the key design projects was to refresh the brand’s identity. Most significant was the colour palette, brand feel and logo, which now inverts and removes elements of the letter ‘i’ to indicate the individuals not currently being represented in the media, punctuated with an exclamation point to raise alarm at the impact of missing these perspectives.  Our aim was to support rewriting the story of media representation on ‘Missing Perspective’ at a time through visuals, its brand voice and a tile system that could be deployed in any channel.


An aesthetic that matches the brand ambition

BlueMelon were able to create an aesthetic driven by the brazen personality of the Missing Perspectives brand. With a push to liberate and empower change, the colour palette, fonts and style offer the opportunity to tell bold stories by bold women across the world.

We used the desire to create expression through bright colour ways that create clear cut-through in the digital landscape. The brand offers space to open up witty, impactful, clear and sincere communication with the core audience. Further, the branding offers depth and unapologetic candour from the stories to the boldness of the branding itself.

Phoebe Saintilan-Stocks, Founder of Missing Perspectives said: “We were honoured to have worked with BlueMelon – particularly at a critical time for our business. As we scale globally as a media company, it’s imperative that people recognise the significance of what we represent and the impact we make towards gender equality and representation.”

We loved creating a timelines, new brand for Missing Perspectives. 

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