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Dell Animated Video Campaign case study

Dell wanted a cut-through video campaign, to speak to the hearts of the small business owner and tech decision maker

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Dell is a globally recognised leader when it comes to buying tech products, but does the small business owner / tech buyer know that there is a specialist service, providing expert advice on what products to buy for their individual business needs?

Dell asked us to help amplify their message and invited us to push the boundaries with creative execution. Working in partnership with Dell, LinkedIn and Mediacom, we created a benchmark busting video campaign which resonated with the target audience.

Dell Video Creative Partnership

Clear strategy in a time of global disarray

Many companies suspended advertising on their social channels due to the Media’s position on a number of issues (COVID, BLM to name but two). LinkedIn however, remained firm in their ethical stance on these events. This meant that businesses like Dell Technologies, could focus on trying to help struggling small businesses, through communication using LinkedIn’s unique professional network.

As an official LinkedIn Content Partner agency, BlueMelon were engaged to work on an animated Video Campaign, through highly targeted, optimised content to reach key decision makers.

The objective of the campaign was to increase awareness that the Dell Technologies Advisor service is available to help small businesses. And thereby increase consideration of Dell products for small business tech buyers.

Dell animated video campaigns
Dell video case study with BlueMelon

Highly Targeted Creative

Reaching the small business tech decision maker we created a targeted campaign, consisting of a suite of creatives; from animated videos to derivative content. Messaging focused on the small business owner’s pain points – the most challenging of these, being stretched in many different roles, gave us inspiration for the campaign creative: “wearing too many hats”.

The videos

Our protagonists are two small business owners, they each have many hats to wear: CEO, HR, CFO, CMO but when it comes to buying new technical solutions, this is their most challenging hat: particularly true at a time when staff are working remotely.

Once they turn to the Dell Technology Advisors, the weight of the hat is lifted and their tech problems are easily resolved, with expert and friendly advice.

Two engagingly empathetic, whimsical and insightful animated 30” videos were created. With inhouse script writing, character sketching and storyboarding helping to flesh out the foundation of our characters, before moving on to the digital style frames and animation in earnest.

Sponsored Content

Four cutdown derivative videos fuelled the sponsored content assets, with Video Ads, Single Image Ads and Carousel Ads rolled out to amplify the campaign.

The team worked on a strategic content plan which allowed Dell to use LinkedIn’s unique targeting capabilities to reach a quality, engaged and qualified audience. A/B testing was implemented to ensure that data could be analysed and improvements made, to achieve optimum results.

Dell animations and video content creation
Dell ad campaign on Linkedin
Dell design files for B2B video cut through
Dell tech B2B content support

Above benchmark performance

The success of the project meant that Dell increased their investment in usage of the Media channel.

The smooth, easy process of working with BlueMelon left all stakeholders from Dell, Mediacom and LinkedIn, delighted. Gauri, the client from Dell said:

“BlueMelon took a global value proposition and gave it a very clever local spin to ensure it would resonate with the Australian Small Business audience. They are professional, friendly, adaptive and always willing to go the extra mile. A great agency and partner to have and one I would highly recommend.”

The campaign was labelled a success by the client, where some of the sponsored content performed above benchmark CTR, VCR and engagement rates. The videos speak for themselves. Looking to improve your results on LinkedIn – talk to us

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