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Telstra: A Content Strategy & Digital Experience to educate wifi customers

Bluemelon we worked with Telstra to create a content strategy as well as a Digital Experience to educate wifi customers.

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Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, offering a full range of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets. In Australia they provide over 20 million mobile, telephone and internet services. The company’s ethos is that the more connected people are, the more opportunities they have. That's why they help create a brilliant connected future for everyone, everyday.

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Not everyone has the same level of knowledge about Wi-Fi.

Many customers would understandably panic when it looked like something was not right with their Wi-Fi, and so they would call Telstra. But most of the time the issue could be solved very simply, with a bit of basic knowledge.


Shift customer behaviour.

A basic education about Wi-Fi was needed to empower the audience, improve their confidence and save time.


Empathy and expertise are the keys to influence.

BlueMelon Design drew on the collective expertise of Telstra’s internal Wi-Fi team and turned it into valuable content. The new content acknowledged the customer’s pain point and used storytelling to cut through.


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Customer Pain points



Creative Development


A/B Test

Go Live

Content Audit

A content audit of Telstra’s current offering as well as the landscape of internet troubleshooting content showed us where Telstra was going wrong and where the content opportunity lied.

Telstra products
iPad Telstra product

Strategic Storytelling

Telstra’s existing content around ‘Wi-Fi Troubleshooting’ was very technical and corporate. By editorialising the topic in a blog post, we were able to acknowledge and diffuse the customer’s heightened emotional state of frustration and make them more receptive to the helpful tips and tricks.

Telstra Products
Telstra Products
Snackable bites
Telstra Products
Telstra Products
Telstra Products
Telstra Products
Telstra Products

SEO-led Content

Keyword research showed us that customers do not view their wifi problem as a ‘slow wifi’, but that to them it was rather ‘slow internet’. Identifying this key point was crucial to the positioning of the content.

Telstra Products iPhones

A/B Testing

The campaign had three unique target audiences and we needed to reach all of them with the same tips. We designed a specific rollout of social posts for each audience that we A/B tested to ensure our contact would have maximum impact.

“The BlueMelon team are amazing!! They brought a fresh perspective, with every recommendation being backed by solid data. They really know content marketing.”

Product Owner – Home Dashboard
Connected Home and Business, Product and Technology

Evergreen content that supports existing customers and attracts new ones.

Telstra’s new package of Wi-Fi Troubleshooting content is helping to create, confident home internet users who value Telstra’s products and their human approach. The content is also being discovered and consumed by non-Telstra customers, priming them to switch to Telstra in the future.

What are the pain points in your customer journey?

If you need help addressing or uncovering your customer’s pain points - we’re here to help. Our talented team are experts at understanding your roadblocks and devising creative content solutions and digital experiences that will help you achieve your brand and business objectives.


Getting brands right is our specialty, we understand what you need and will deliver on your core business values

We like to start by identifying the problem space and getting to know your business

A clearly defined business goal is crucial to any successful content marketing initiative. We say ‘no’ to content for content’s sake. Need help figuring it out? Talk to us. We’re happy to help.

We focus in understanding your main pain points

Before we begin we’ll need to understand you and your team’s pain points. Every company is different, so it all starts with listening. From there we’ll go through various stages depending on what we uncover during this stage.

We are humans that value data

If content is king, data is queen. Strategically led data-driven content is what we’re all about. The more data and insights about your brand and target audience you can share with us – the better! If you’re not sure what data might be helpful, or if it exists – never fear. We’re here to help.

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