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Testing Home Dashboard App
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Turning observations into insights

Telstra needed to find out whether the onboarding experience for their Telstra Home Dashboard™ App would resonate with their audience. Was it intuitive, easy to use and friendly?

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the challenge

How could we help Telstra uncover insights and test their hypothesis around how their users interact with the new app onboarding experience?

Telstra Home Dashboard™ mobile application enables users to set up, troubleshoot and track their Wi-Fi at home, without the need for calling a telco. Telstra came to BlueMelon for support in evaluating their new onboarding customer experience, gathering user insights and communicating the learnings to the product team.

The solution

Comprehensive end-to-end usability testing.

BlueMelon organised, planned and facilitated multiple in-person usability testing sessions specific to the Telstra Home Dashboard™ App, where the team could track, analyse and record user interactions.


It all started with a 1:1 session with each stakeholder, unpacking what scenarios and tasks needed to be covered and identifying the challenges that we may encounter throughout the session.

To make this successful we needed to screen participants with specific requirements – recruit them, take the team to a testing studio where we could record, test and invite some of the product team to watch the sessions in the “Observation room”.

After identifying what we needed to measure, we designed and customised a specific set of tasks for users to perform, built working prototypes, recruited suitable participants, sourced a location and equipment and organised a schedule for the day.

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user testing

BlueMelon facilitated 1 hour 1:1 episodic usability testing sessions with the participants, where they experienced our working prototypes along the full Wi-Fi set up experience. Tests were conducted on both Android and IOS devices and involved interactions with multiple Telstra products in a real-world environment. Internal stakeholders were invited to attend the sessions or watch a live stream. Sessions were also captured from three perspectives for later analysis.


Prototypes are a great way to capture quick user insights, identify iterations and re-test if needed - without having to incur into high development expenses.

In order to understand the experience of certain features that had not just been developed, the BlueMelon team created clickable prototypes that showcased the intention of the experience. The prototypes helped us to gain insights around:

  • Messaging
  • Sequencing (does the next step make sense?)
  • Level of complexity to complete a task
  • Visual style (Do the icons and graphics make sense?)

After the on-site usability testing sessions, our digital experience team conducted insight synthesis sessions to categorise findings and identify patterns. These findings were consolidated into a comprehensive report for Telstra, covering our methodology, user insights, wins, measures (NPS & LTR distribution, System Usability Scale and Microsoft Desirability Test) and most importantly our recommendations for the product team. Using a BPI rating, specific findings and recommendations for improvement were prioritised by ranking results against four components – Severity, Commonality, Frequency and Business Importance.

the outcome

BlueMelon helped Telstra gain a rich understanding of how users respond to the app’s new onboarding experience and how to make the customer experience easier.

The research brought further internal awareness at Telstra and helped the product team prioritise features, plan product roadmap and iterate on current experience.

Today the Onboarding experience allows users to successfully setup products using the app. It has become the top-rated app at Telstra, rated 4 stars in both App Store and Google Play.

The BlueMelon team have a very good understanding around running usability testing sessions and extracting the information we wanted to get out of those sessions. They also provided additional value through suggesting aspects we may not have considered for the future design and development of the app. BlueMelon was super enthusiastic and energetic - they took on anything we threw at them and it felt like a true partnership. Their service was highly professional, super friendly and easy. The energy and value they bring helps motivate me as a Product Owner and our HomeDashboard team.
Chi Chau,
Senior Product Development Manager, Telstra Home Dashboard™ | Telstra

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