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How B2B Marketing Agencies Drive Leads

The Power of B2B Marketing Agencies: Creating Human Connections



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Unlocking success: How B2B marketing agencies create human connection


At its simplest, B2B lead generation is acquiring the contact information of potential new customers. For us, it’s an opportunity to connect with another human, build a relationship, and help the person at the other end of the line solve their problems. To get ahead in B2B, we’re blazing trails by radically reframing how we approach lead generation, with helping humans at the heart of everything we do.


In this blog, we’ll explore some ways to make B2B lead generation more human and supercharge business growth.





B2B is actually H2H


Many B2B companies struggle with generating sales leads that successfully convert. Reframing outreach as human to human, instead of business to business, allows you to create personalised content that delivers real value to your customers. You’ll be connecting to the human behind the screen, instead of thinking of them as a lead or a number.


How do you frame your content and value proposition to help people and solve their business problems?





Connect solutions with human problems


Get up close and personal with what you or your product does, and the benefit you bring to your target audience. How can you, and only you, solve the problem your customer faces? Going out to get leads when you’re not solving a problem can lead to more noise and less solutions.



Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and imagine how they’re feeling. Does the “spray and pray” method of lead generation make them feel good? Or do you think they would prefer a message that’s tailored to their problems, and how you personally can help solve them? The difference lies in the impact – while the former may come across as distant and impersonal, the latter fosters a connection built on empathy and genuine care. We recommend crafting content that addresses specific pain points, showing how you understand your audience and demonstrating why they should trust you.


Leaning into your creativity will help you imagine the person on the receiving end of your communications. Knowing your audience, understanding their problems, empathising and being human with them will help you understand how you can add value.





It’s about trust


B2B interactions thrive when built on a foundation of authenticity and empathy. Trust isn’t built on transactional exchanges, it comes when you comprehend your customers’ needs, concerns, and aspirations. To nurture your customer relationships, think about your commitment to delivering real value. A weekly newsletter might be sent straight to the spam folder if it’s not offering real value.





Lead generation for B2B involves a longer funnel


The new power of lead generation lies in using content marketing to make customers aware of your organisation, attract new customers, educate your existing audience, and drive customers through your business funnel. Rather than throwing $$$ at an ad campaign, the new B2B growth strategy requires a powerful, human-centred and layered approach.






A bow tie funnel flips the traditional sales funnel by thinking about how to nurture customers after they’ve been acquired. Efforts towards retention and future engagement strengthen customer trust in your brand, through advocacy from former and existing customers, and optimising your existing customers helps build revenue. It’s a win-win!


Growing business is often the byproduct of helping people. Find ways to connect your solutions to human problems. Need a hand growing your business in a human-centric way? Chat to a Melon.

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