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  • Why your brand needs a strategy (and 4 clever moves you can make to create one)

    Posted by Rach 30/06/20

    As I strolled through my local supermarket recently, I spotted a shampoo and conditioner, placed in one of those all too obvious aisle ends. Eyes widening, I inspected the pretty packaging. On closer inspection, I noted an even prettier price, burning itself onto my retinas by way of a flappy, neon-yellow ticket.  Sign me up. […]

  • How to Advertise With LinkedIn’s New Conversation Ads

    Posted by Penelope 22/05/20

    Back in November last year, LinkedIn beta launched a new ad format, which reaches out to prospects via Messenger. As the name suggests, Conversation Ads a personal and informal way to engage prospects one to one in real-time, solve pain points and ultimately generate leads and click-throughs. We were lucky enough to be one of […]

  • 3 Ways To Cultivate Brand Trust by Being More Human

    Posted by Juan 08/05/20

    Trust is the foundation upon which businesses and communities are built. When you have brand trust, invisible barriers dissolve and things start happening. Relationships flourish. Customers start telling you what they think, what they want and what they expect from you. Identifying pain points and solving them becomes a lot easier. Without brand trust, you […]

  • How to Create More Video With Less

    Posted by Penelope 23/04/20

    Video, video, video, video. Video is the language. And it’s here to stay. If you want to deeply connect with your audience (and which brand doesn’t?) then video content should not only be your weapon of choice but your superpower. The numbers stack up. According to Cisco, by 2022, online video content will make up […]

  • How to Create an Exceptional LinkedIn Profile (from a LinkedIn certified marketing partner)

    Posted by BMD 15/04/20

    In today’s challenging landscape, where face to face interactions are replaced by virtual ones, having a strong professional digital personal brand is a form of currency. Being awesome online and engaging in meaningful, authentic and intelligent ways opens many doors.  So having an exceptional LinkedIn profile, which tells your story, showcases your unique areas of […]

  • How to keep business moving and teams engaged in challenging times

    Posted by Juan 02/04/20

    As time passes and social distancing becomes the new norm; my number one priority is keeping the team running, keeping them engaged and supporting them along the way. With the exploration of new ways of working together while delivering outstanding client work and minimising delays, I am proud and happy to say that our team […]

  • 5 ways to make great Content Marketing on LinkedIn

    Posted by Cath 07/03/20

    As a busy Marketer, spinning many plates on a daily basis, you’re expected to be all things, to all people. You need to know enough about everything, but don’t have time to become an expert at everything – particularly in a fast moving digital landscape. Sound familiar? We’re here to help you! As an officially […]

  • Keeping the spark alive between you and your brand

    Posted by Rach 22/11/19

    There are ten words, guaranteed to break your designers heart. “Could you supply it in a format I can edit?” Ouch. And, if you’ve just completed a branding project, double ouch. The reasons we may sigh when we hear this question are varied. You might assume our tears roll because of the financial impact – […]

  • Are your assets distinctive?

    Posted by Rach 07/11/19

    If you work in, around or near anything to do with brands and marketing, you may be familiar with the term ‘distinctive assets’. If these words have only ever brushed past your eardrums briefly, and you want to know more about what they are, then this is the blog for you.  What are ‘distinctive assets’? […]

  • Tackle a creative brief head on, even if you’ve only got one hour. 

    Posted by Rach 15/10/19

    Email incoming – it’s a brief, and it’s got a deadline. How am I going to tackle this thing? In this moment there are a range of thoughts that pop into my mind, but more often than not, it’s one of these two things. ‘Oh my goodness, that brief is awesome, I’m so inspired, I […]

  • Porqueno is back, and bigger than ever.

    Posted by Rach 19/09/19

    We couldn’t be more excited to share that our biennial exhibition, Porqueno is back for its fourth time. What is Porqueno you might ask? Porqueno was created by the friendly folk of BlueMelon. For the past 6 years this exhibition has been a chance for us to rally some of our most talented friends, to […]

  • Data Visualisation. Five ways to ensure your data is beautiful and digestible.

    Posted by BMD 11/09/19

    Has a client ever supplied a couple of thousand data points, random excel graphs and tons of other numbers and percentages, and asked that you include it in a couple of slides, a content campaign or a simple landing page? We have all been there. The more access to quantitative information we have the more […]

  • Boutique Northern Beaches Agency BlueMelon Design, in the Mumbrella Asia Awards 2019 Shortlist.

    Posted by Cath 09/09/19

    Manly Beach, Sydney: BlueMelon Design is a quiet achiever doing big things. Never more has this been recognised than with Thursday’s announcement of the APAC Mumbrella Awards shortlist. The small beach-based creative agency has been shortlisted as one of five contenders in the “Best Localisation of a Global Strategy” category, for their work with global […]

  • Agile. Accessible. Honest. Human. What do our values mean?

    Posted by Juan 15/08/19

    I remember back at Uni when we had to do quick assessments on companies; we had to look at their business and what they were all about. The moment I read through their values, mission and vision I felt like it was a bit of B.S. Boy, I was wrong. I think. You see, without […]

  • Creativity is not a commodity. Or is it?

    Posted by Juan 22/07/19

    Having run a full-service creative agency for the last decade, it has always surprised me how challenging it is to properly and accurately articulate the value that creativity (content, brand, digital, innovation), can bring to a business, allowing healthy growth, stronger partnerships and better outcomes.  In some ways, it feels as though creative services are […]

  • Is your design accessible?

    Posted by Rach 17/07/19

    Back in the day, when I qualified as a graphic designer, the word ‘accessibility’ seemed non-existent in relation to my occupation. While it’s entirely possible I was living under a uni-student shaped rock, the good news is that these days I’m far more enlightened on the subject. Getting accessible Recently, I was knee-deep in a […]

  • Why LinkedIn & BlueMelon are a lot like Batman & Robin

    Posted by Penelope 15/07/19

    Batman and Robin. They’re one of the greatest teams in history right? The dynamic duo. Like any great team, their sum is greater than their parts. Batman’s always on a mission and Robin’s by his side. There to support, kick butt, bring some creative ideas to the table and occasionally take the wheel on the […]

  • What is Content Marketing?

    Posted by Penelope 09/07/19

    “Content”, “Content Marketing”, “Branded Content”, “Making a content play…” With the content space being so hot right now, the C word is popping up everywhere. It’s bouncing around on meeting room tables, it’s all up in your LinkedIn feeds, it’s on that brief you’re writing – or about to get stuck into. But are we […]

  • 5 Adobe CC Tools Every Designer Should Know

    Posted by Rach 03/06/19

    Just starting out in the world of graphic design? Or doing some self-study so you can create your own content? You might be wondering what it takes to give your designs that level of professionalism and polish. Or conversely, what are the dead-giveaways to sloppy work? Here at BlueMelon we want the world to be […]

  • Does Music Make Me a Better Creative?

    Posted by Rach 25/05/19

    It occurred to me the other day, that if I have a sizeable/important design brief to tackle, the most important factor in achieving success is setting the mood… with music. Music sets a tempo in my head and I’m off, out of the gate, racing towards a deadline. I’m the kind of person who will […]

  • Your Space Is the Key to Your Creativity

    Posted by Jacs 05/05/19

    According to Google about one-third of human life, around 40 hours per week, is spent working. That’s a big chunk of of your time to be somewhere other than your home. I never really understood why the standard workplace that we spend so much of our time in has traditionally been so sterile, bland and […]

  • Tick-Tock – The Importance of Respecting Time

    Posted by BMD 04/04/19

    R.e.s.p.e.c.t. Bet you can’t see that without singing it. And, if you can you may be in need of a quick musical education. Go away, listen to the canorous pipes of the late Aretha Franklin and return promptly. Done that? Let’s move on… Respect is something that is earned. It stimulates trust. It creates love. […]

  • 3 Ingredients to be a Successful Entrepreneur

    Posted by Juan 01/04/19

    Have you ever been in a place and a time where you thought you had a great idea, knew how to execute it, understood the main product or service, but your main blocker was your full-time job? Or perhaps you had that mental struggle of knowing that in order to start something you have to […]

  • Are Preconceived Misconceptions Holding You Back?

    Posted by Cath 28/03/19

    Don’t be the Office Blocker! By The Cathonator Have you ever refused to watch a movie – let’s say a kids’ movie – because you are an adult and you think it’s going to be awful? But, there’s a situation (maybe years later) where you’re FORCED to watch it and you end up…LOVING it!? Well, […]

  • How to get rich (in character) from Travelling

    Posted by Cath 12/03/19

    Commuting or regular travel on a plane can be a pain, so can networking for business – we have a new game for you to try which will solve both problems and make your life richer in the process. #seatbingo

  • A day in the life of BlueMelon, by Rach (The NewMelon)

    Posted by Rach 05/03/19

    Manly. 8:45am. The BlueMelon office is quiet. Too quiet. There’s something pressing that needs to be addressed before the Blummie team can get on with the ever-growing list of important client projects. ‘Guys! Where are the tunes? What do we feel like listening to?’ Somehow, our trusty Google Home assistant knows exactly what music genre […]

  • Is Hot-Desking Just a Fad?

    Posted by BMD 01/03/19

    I’ve been kept up late at night recently for two reasons. Firstly, the AirBnB in the adjacent building has a bathroom light that would be more suited to NSW police helicopter searches and despite a strong rotation of guests, they appear to not be phased by the retina-stinging light it emits. Secondly, in the churn […]

  • Kreating a Kompany Kulture

    Posted by BMD 25/02/19

    Let us start with the fact that many in the workforce see my age demographic as somewhat soft when it comes to employment. “Snowflakes” I believe we’re called. Now, I can’t speak on behalf of all Millenials, but I (naturally) see this as grossly unfair and is simply a case of two pockets of people […]

  • Inspiration Inception: What Tom Brady Can Teach us About Great Leadership

    Posted by BMD 14/02/19

    What can 6-time Superbowl Champion Tom Brady teach you about leadership? The answers may surprise you.

  • Why we, as creatives, should live-share

    Posted by BMD 16/05/17

    The other night I found myself on Instagram at the same time as a local musician. He started a Live Video session, singing his original songs and taking requests from fans. There were only 14 of us viewing the stream at this time (despite having 11.4k Instagram followers). I thought to myself…how cool is that? […]