Search Results: June 2019

  • How to Make Great Content

    Posted by BMD 28/06/19

    Good content is content that people want to read. Pretty simple. Great content? It makes them take action AND keeps them coming back for more. So in a world that’s flooded with content, how do you make yours stand out? 1) Be original. Think about the content that you’ve seen and how you can approach […]

  • 5 Adobe CC Tools Every Designer Should Know

    Posted by Rach 03/06/19

    Just starting out in the world of graphic design? Or doing some self-study so you can create your own content? You might be wondering what it takes to give your designs that level of professionalism and polish. Or conversely, what are the dead-giveaways to sloppy work? Here at BlueMelon we want the world to be […]