Search Results: May 2019

  • Does Music Make Me a Better Creative?

    Posted by Rach 25/05/19

    It occurred to me the other day, that if I have a sizeable/important design brief to tackle, the most important factor in achieving success is setting the mood… with music. Music sets a tempo in my head and I’m off, out of the gate, racing towards a deadline. I’m the kind of person who will […]

  • Four Golden Rules for Great Presentations

    Posted by Jacs 15/05/19

    Love em or hate em, presentations are a medium for bringing ideas to life, closing deals, teaching lessons, challenging norms and providing inspiration. Sure, the bad ones can be sleep inducing. But a well crafted presentation is a beautiful thing to behold. I have spent a long time analysing what makes for a great presentation. […]

  • Your Space Is the Key to Your Creativity

    Posted by Jacs 05/05/19

    According to Google about one-third of human life, around 40 hours per week, is spent working. That’s a big chunk of of your time to be somewhere other than your home. I never really understood why the standard workplace that we spend so much of our time in has traditionally been so sterile, bland and […]